Maria Goula
17 May 2018

Alexandra Paschalidou

After 15 years of presence on TV ,after having attended numerous gala and social events, and after infinite travels by airplanes ,it goes without saying that, year by year my fresh face looks like a raisin, so I really need a good treatment and more specifically, specialized, professional treatment! In other words, I need Dimitra’s golden hands! I met Dimitra during my TV show at Star –OLA KALA- where we collaborated on beauty issues.

Dimitra doesn’t really have specific treatment recipes. She just customizes her methods though the cosmetics that she makes on her own, depending on the needs of each face, and that is something that I haven’t found anywhere in the world all these years that I have been travelling. The moments that I share with Dimitra at her institute are a combination of external care and internal cultivation. Her knowledge, her responsibility, her technique and her faith in her mission to highlight natural beauty, made me have complete confidence in her work, with a direct result on my face!