Lip Balm – 15 ml
13 May 2017

Face whitening serum – 30ml

with green tea and rose

The most essential ally to treat brown spots is the facial serum with green tea.

It acts deeply and regulates the tyrosine enzymes, which give instructions to the melanocytes to secrete melanin. The green tea extract in the serum is rich in tyrosine and gives a permanent solution to the problem of brown spots.

Tyrosine is disrupted in our skin by hormonal and other factors, and if it is not regulated, the superficial whitening peeling treatments will only give temporary results. The facial serum with green tea provides deep whitening, balance and radiance to skin prone to brown spots, discoloration and dark patches.

The serum is a supportive product (low molecular weight – serous) for face creams, as it enhances and accelerates their action. Ideally it can be combined with the corresponding face cream, or it can be used as a complementary product.


Boost your hydration and anti-aging cream by adding natural hyaluronic acid:

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Aloe vera, rose extract, green tea, avocado oil, organic wild rose essential oil, vitamin E.


How to use/Tips:

Put four drops of the serum on your face, crosswise (cheeks, forehead,chin), and spread the serum with gentle, circular movements until it has been absorbed. After a minute or so, apply your face cream.

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