Welcome to the Dimitra Goula Boutique Institute, a beauty shop which is, in reality, a beauty workshop that matches nature to your needs and teaches you secrets so that time will be your ally.

With personal care for each one of you Dimitra Goula Boutique Institute offers services concerning health, well-being, silhouette and anti-ageing with impressive results.


My vision ...

Fresh cosmetics with pure ingredients

Cosmetics that care for our skin with love while simultaneously promoting the overall health of our body and soul.

  • Environmentally friendly cosmetics, that relate to nature and offer ecological benefits.
  • Cosmetics that are not tested on animals.
  • Cosmetics that promote the economy of our country.
The awakening

Do It Your Self

Make yourself handmade cosmetics using everyday ingredients in your kitchen. See what you need and start experimenting!


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What do your cosmetics taste like?

Fruits, herbs, essential oils, sea water and olive oil are just some of the secrets that are generously offered to us by the Greek nature.


Beauty elixirs

Trying a different approach in the constant search of beauty and youth, the graduate esthetician Dimitra Goula suggests that you think … Naturally!


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We would never eat long-term food (canned) everyday, so why use cosmetic cans for our skin?

Dimitra Goula


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